About the Artist

I am an innate maker. I have always had a deep desire to use my hands to create something from nothing, and my experience with clay is no exception to that need.

The tactile experience--not only in creating something with clay, but also with experiencing and using ceramic items--is what drew me to ceramics when I was in high school, and what has kept me in this medium. My work is designed to not only be pretty to look at, but also to feel interesting in the hands. Every design is painted on, then carved into the surface of my pots, leaving a softly textured surface that offers a different sensory experience with every pattern. 

My work is designed to be used. I find that a lot of people see ceramics as delicate, fragile. It seems innate to see something breakable and want to treat it with care--as if any wrong move could send it shattering to the floor. I want to challenge that notion. I want to see my work stacked in cabinets haphazardly; I want to see it taken along in the car in the morning because you couldn't find a to-go mug; I want to see it thrown in the dishwasher because handwashing is to much of a faff sometimes. I challenge those who use my work to not treat it too gingerly, because yes it's breakable, but life is too damn short to be too precious about a mug.

My ceramic career began in a pottery class in my final semester of high school in 2016. I had already planned to go to art school, but that class changed my life. Every free period I had was spent down in the dusty basement studio, experimenting every chance I got. I went on to get my BFA in Ceramic Art at Mars Hill University in 2020, and after graduation worked as the Resident Artist in the ceramics department at MHU for the 2020-21 school year. I now work as an intern in the Weizenblatt Gallery at MHU and hope to grow my reach in the ceramic art world now that I have returned from a 2 year long break.